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Sinning Angelz opened it’s doors in 2018 and has been going strong ever since. Known around Anderson as a professional, clean place to get inked, Sinning Angelz is about as immaculate as a tattoo shop can get. Although our speciality is in illustrative, tribal, and watercolor tattoos, our eclectic artists can handle any design or style that comes our way – even cover up tattoos. If you have a tattoo you’re embarrassed to say you got, our tattoo artists can help rework it into a piece of art that you’re proud to show off. So, whether you’re looking for a new tattoo or a new take on an old tattoo, Sinning Angelz has your back. Or your arm. Or your ankle.

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You have to be able to trust the individual you’ve asked to create a hole in your body and at Sinning Angelz, you can. Our artists have been trained in the art of piercing and use only the highest quality jewelry. Afraid of the germs? Don’t be! We ensure that our space is hospital clean and creates a welcoming environment for every piercing location – even ones that are a bit more intimate. Our piercers are capable of all ear and body piercings including nose piercings, septum piercings, eyebrow rings, navel piercings, labret piercings, cartilage piercings, tongue piercings, and your basic ear piercing.



Sinning Angelz Tattoo Shop is built around our team’s passion for art, inspiring creative energy, and providing the highest quality of results. Our goal is not just to inspire our tattoo artists but to inspire you as well. After all, aren’t tattoos supposed to be an expression of yourself? It’s simple. You bring us your visions and we’ll bring them to life. Our custom designs will have you leaving our shop looking better than when you walked in. No really, they will. So, whether you have an idea for that dainty little ankle tattoo or a kick-ass full sleeve, head on into our shop and let our artists draft you up a completely tailored tattoo design.


The easy answer is yes – but the level of pain depends on your personal pain tolerance, the size of the tattoo, and the placement. The pain can be comparable to that of a cat scratch. But people wouldn’t come back for more if it hurt that bad. You can do it!
Again, there is not one answer. Bigger tattoos take longer to complete than smaller ones. As a general rule of thumb, a tattoo the size of your palm can take around 2 hours. Larger pieces may need to be completed in multiple appointments.

Our minimum is $40 and will get you a tattoo that is approximately 2” x 2”. We also offer full arm, back, leg, or body pieces. The size and artwork will affect the price. Come on in and show us what you have in mind. We are happy to provide a quote.

The best thing you can do is to make sure you’ve had a good meal containing lots of healthy, natural sugars. Feel free to bring sweets to the appointment too in case you start feeling dizzy!

Also, be mindful about where you are getting your tattoo when you are choosing your clothing. It’s best to choose something that keeps this area exposed while still being decent.

Last but not least, shave the area where you’ll be getting your tattoo. If you forget your tattoo artist will shave it for you but trust us when we say that they’ll appreciate not having to!

The best way to care for your tattoo is to listen to your artist and follow the directions!

At Sinning Angelz, we will apply a Tattoo Goo and clear wrap to protect your artwork at the end of each session. We would like for you to keep your tattoo covered for the first 24 hours – only removing it to wash the area and apply Tattoo Goo. Wash your new tattoo 3x a day with a mild cleanser, cool water, and your hand. Do not use washcloths or anything abrasive! Pat the area dry or let it air dry and apply Tattoo Goo – a thin layer will do. If you are still within the 24 hour period, apply more clear wrap before any fabrics touch your new tattoo.

To recap – LISTEN TO YOUR ARTIST – but generally…

Day 1 – wash 3x a day, apply Tattoo Goo, apply clear wrap
Day 2 – wash 3x a day, apply Tattoo Goo, keep exposed to air as much as possible
Day 3 – wash 3x a day, apply Tattoo Goo, keep exposed to air as much as possible
Days 4-10 – wash 2x a day, apply Tattoo Goo, wear clothes as usual IF and WHEN you healed over.

DO NOT PICK, SCRATCH, or RUB the newly inked skin. You should also avoid tight fabrics for as long as possible.

Absolutely! We can take (almost) any old tattoo and rework it into a beautiful, new piece of art. Just stop by our shop so we can design you a tattoo that you won’t have to cover up.

We do not advise having a drink before getting your tattoo – and not just because it’s hard to give a drunk person a tattoo. Alcohol acts as a blood thinner and can cause excessive bleeding. The result is a poor tattoo. If you’ve had a night out or an early morning drink, it is best to wait a couple days before investing in a tattoo.

The UV’s from the sun can fade your tattoo. To prevent this, try to keep your tattoo covered with clothing or a bandage or use sunblock.
For the most part, getting a piercing won’t hurt – the actual process only takes seconds. But you may feel some discomfort for a few days after while you get used to the new jewelry.
Our piercings start at $25.00 and go up depending on what you want to be pierced. Come into our shop or give us a call to get a quote! All body jewelry starts at $5.00.
Actual healing time will depend on the person and the piercing. To help it heal, it is best to keep the area around it clean and consult with a physician if anything starts getting oozy or rashy.